Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Law

Albuquerque Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney

Real estate transactions and disputes can be difficult, especially when the parties are not operating on one accord. Our firm works to review every contract and associated document to make sure your interests are protected. In the event there are legal discrepancies, we represent you in the court of law to achieve favorable resolutions on your behalf. Being a victim of real estate fraud or unscrupulous practices is not an option. At Grover Law, LLC, we get the job done!

Our representation covers most areas, including probate, residential and commercial real estate, and real estate leasing. Our clients are diverse; we work with individuals, small and medium sized businesses, and large corporate entities to ensure they are well represented, educated and satisfied with the outcome of their situations.

We work with both landlords and tenants in solving disputes. Owners who are leasing their property and have tenants who are taking proper care of the property or need to go through the eviction process can count on our firm to draft and file any paperwork needed to achieve a successful eviction. Tenants can also use our services when they are being unfairly treated, or they are being evicted due to foreclosure proceedings and their money has been taken. Both parties are regulated by certain laws. We make sure everyone understands their position and is well aware of the steps that can be taken for justice to be served.

Real estate law can be complex and confusing. Using an attorney that understands these complexities is essential in getting your needs met. For adequate representation in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, contact Grover Law, LLC today!