Probate & Estate Planning

Albuquerque Probate & Estate Planning Attorney

Grover Law, LLC handles both probate and estate planning cases to help families plan for and handle estates once their loved one has passed on:


We work to make sure the probate administration is handled with as little complications as possible. We immediately work with the immediate family to determine whether or not a will is present, who has been name executor, how the will be executed, how to administer the estate, what duties are expected of the executor, and the next steps. We work with the executor to explain all the responsibilities and duties, and ramifications under the law. Handling probate can be time-consuming and traumatic for family members if there are no clear delineations. We work to ensure you have the best representation in place to avoid complications.

Estate Planning

We work with individuals and families in establishing all levels of estate planning, including wills, guardianships, physician directives, medical powers of attorney and asset protection protocols. There are many elements of estate planning. Grover Law, LLC provides guidance on planning your estate and its execution. Some of our services include the designation of a personal representative, trustee or healthcare provider to carry out your wishes; select a designated guardian for your children; determine when and how your assets will be distributed; minimization of estate taxes, and tips to avoid probate proceedings.

Thinking about your estate planning and probate needs before you need them is proactive and will benefit your beneficiaries in the long run. Grover Law, LLC works on your behalf to make sure you understand the process and are fully equipped for the future.

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