Plaintiff’s Litigation

Albuquerque Plaintiff’s Litigation Attorney 

We successfully litigate client rights when they are faced with a number of situations involving inappropriate actions from their employer. Many employees do not realize they have rights and the employer-employee relationship is regulated by law. Being the plaintiff in any case can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what to expect. We work to educate our clients to make sure they understand what they are facing, get the facts of their case and strategize to legally fight for their rights against employers who break the rules.


We fight to make sure every employee is treated fairly and his or her civil rights are not violated under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This includes gender discrimination, age discrimination, race, pregnancy and other areas where civil rights play a major role in employer discrimination.

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If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone’s fault, you can and should seek help. We promptly investigate the circumstances of your accident, ensuring the best possible chance of proving liability against any party whose failures may have played a role in your injuries.

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We work businesses, individuals, and employees to get compensation for any contract breaches that may have resulted over the course of a business relationship.

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Employees are frequently being wrongfully terminated for a number of reasons. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, contact us today to get a consultation on your legal options.

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Whistle blower cases are very complex and detailed. If you need an experienced attorney to handle this sensitive legal matter, contact us today to get the professional guidance you need.

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Having the right representation will work to your benefit. As an employee, you have rights. Do not let an employer violate your rights and make you feel that there is no recourse. Grover Law, LLC understands these complications and will aggressively be an advocate in your corner. For more information on our services and how we can assist you in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, call the office today!