Institutional & Corporate Legal Services

Albuquerque Institutional & Corporate Legal Services Attorney

There are a number of intricacies and legalities governing institutions and corporations that can cause sanctions or other penalties to be applied if not in compliance. We represent and defend corporations on a number of levels.

Corporate Transactions

Our services include corporate transactions such as mergers & acquisitions to structuring strategic partnerships. The firm consults, drafts and reviews any and all documents involving the exchange of stock, property and money to either expand or downsize corporations.

General Corporate Affairs

It may not be beneficial to have “in-house” counsel, but the counsel of an attorney is needed. In these instances, Grover Law, LLC operates as an outsourced legal entity that handled all the internal legal functions of the business, including forming new entities, drafting service agreements, corporate governance, and trademark consultations.

Securities Law

Having counsel who understands securities law is beneficial in navigating this intricate area. We assist our clients in angel and venture capital financings, crowdfunding, SEC filings and compliance, stock purchase agreements, and other components of securities law.

Having counsel on your side to assist in keeping your organization compliant is key in future growth. For more information on our services, call Grover Law, LLC today!