Family Law

Albuquerque Family Law Attorney

Family law can be very complex, especially when dealing with matters of divorce or custody. We work with our clients in volatile situations to de-escalate matters in an attempt to achieve favorable resolutions. Grover Law, LLC employs a number of methods and strategies to reduce the risk of parental conflict. This is done in a strategic and detailed manner to ensure both parties remain as civil as possible.

Conflict and dispute resolution can be a complicated process. As a mediator, Grover Law excels in these types of situations, recognizing the importance of being a proactive party to protect the interests of family members in heated disputes. Although most legal situations may have to go through litigation, making the situation as amicable as possible is key in a successful progression. We handle de-escalation in the follow family law areas:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Financial
  • Probate

We attempt to provide a collaborative forum where all matters can be put on the table in a safe and non-threatening environment to come to resolutions. In divorce and custodial cases, litigation is mandatory, but it does not have to be as difficult as one may think. Having an attorney who is familiar with these types of situations and is well versed in getting results throughout the de-escalation process can make a difference, especially if minor children are involved.

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