Administrative Rep for Professional Adverse Employment

Albuquerque Administrative Representative for Professional Adverse Employment

We work as an administrative representative for law enforcement, medical professionals and other license practitioners who need assistance in fighting for their rights when facing professional adverse employment circumstances. There are many instances when these professionals are singled out and treated unfairly as an example.

What is Professional Adverse Employment?

Professional adverse employment can be defined as any significant changes in employment status, and involves the hiring, firing, reassignment of duties with different responsibilities, failing to promote or a significant change in benefits.

Our representation is needed in the law enforcement arena to represent police officers who have been passed up for promotions, or medical professionals who have been fired for instances that occurred due to no fault of their own.

Grover Law, LLC also acts as an expert witness to testify for law enforcement policies and procedures. Having an advocate that will work on their behalf beyond the union is key in getting their voices heard and any violations of rights restored.

We have extensive experience in this area and have worked with numerous agencies to protect the rights of law enforcement and medical professionals. We work to uncover any irregular circumstances and fully present the facts to help keep our clients either in their current positions, or to get them the promotions they deserve.