Albuquerque Contract Breach Attorney

We work businesses, individuals, and employees to get compensation for any contract breaches that may have resulted over the course of a business relationship.

Contract claims are one of the most common business disputes. Whether it’s a disagreement about the meaning of a term, one party failing to perform, or a performance that did not meet expectations, we are here to assist you.

From employment agreements to contracts with your suppliers and customers, all of your business activities should be protected by formal written agreements that spell out anything that could become a point of contention in a dispute.

We also work with employees in getting compensation for any contract breaches that may have resulted in an employer either stealing ideas or breaching agreements that were already in place. We represent employees and independent contractors in getting their voices heard and any compensation due to the employer’s negligence. Do not fall victim to an employer violating a contract that was put in place. We can help!